1943 1C Cent - Struck on a Silver Dime Planchet PCGS XF40

$24,000.00 USD


Coin ID: E11111.40/36096680

Extremely RARE or possibly unique? In 1943 copper cents were to be made in zinc-coated steel with World War-II in full swing and U.S. troops in desperate need of vital supplies. So the U.S. Government determined copper was more needed by the war efforts than for the newly minted cents. The Mint went forward with striking cents on zinc-coated steel planchets, that’s why its easy to see how a similarly sized, similar-color silver dime planchet would have been unnoticed if it fell in with steel planchets prior to coinage. This "silver cent" is well-centered and well-detailed, with light wear over slate-gray surfaces. The left-hand rims are absent due to the smaller diameter of the dime planchet. The rarity of these off metal (non zinc-steel) pennies struck in bronze and copper are currently worth $80K-$200K EACH. We have never seen or heard of another 1943 steel penny struck in silver which makes this coin extremely RARE or possibly unique and very valuable.