1937 AR, AE, Nickel-Brass 15 Piece Set PR64-PR67

GREAT BRITAIN. George VI. (King, 1936-1952). 1937 AR, AE, Nickel-Brass 15 Piece Set. PCGS PR64-PR67. GEORGIVS VI D : G : BR : OMN : REX (F : D : IND : IMP.). Portrait, left / FID • DEF • - IND • IMP • rosette • (denomination) • rosette •. except Maundy pieces and Nickel-Brass Threepence and Bronze pieces which have date and denominations in the legends only. Designs vary with denominations and dates. Maundy pieces, crowned denomination divides date within wreath. SCBC-4079; SCBC-4080; SCBC-4081; SCBC-4082 English Reverse; SCBC-4083 Scottish Reverse; SCBC-4084; SCBC-4087; SCBC-4112 Nickel-Brass; SCBC-4085; SCBC-4088; SCBC-4089; SCBC-4090; SCBC-4114; SCBC-4115; SCBC-4116. Grades as follows: PCGS PR65 (Crown); PCGS PR65 Cameo (Halfcrown); PCGS PR66 Cameo (Florin); PCGS PR65 (Shilling); PCGS PR66 Cameo (Shilling); PCGS PR66 Cameo (SRJ Sixpence); PCGS PR65 (Maundy Fourpence); PCGS PR64 (12-sided Threepence); PCGS PR66 (Threepence); PCGS PR66 (Maundy Threepence); PCGS PR66 (Maundy Twopence); PCGS PR65 (Maundy Penny); PCGS PR66 Brown (Penny); PCGS PR67 Brown (Halfpenny); PCGS PR65 Brown (Farthing) Please use these links to verify the PCGS certification numbers 33351632, 33351631, 33351630, 33351629, 33351628, 33351627, 33351626, 33351633, 33351625, 33351624, 33351623, 33351622, 33351621, 33351620, 33351619

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