1934 $50 Light Green Seal Federal Reserve Note Fr. 2102-G PMG AU55 EPQ

$257.00 USD

A beautiful and well centered $50 bill that we really like. This is the first Chicago $50 we’ve handled in years. These bills have a strong collector base and it’s growing stronger each year.  Scarce.

U.S. small-size note collectors have long recognized that the seal colors changed during the 1934 Series of Federal Reserve Notes, which were current from 1934 until 1950. The color progression was vivid yellow-green to vivid blue-green to dull blue-green. The earliest color that appeared on the 1934 FRNs was what is now called vivid yellow-green, or light green. These are far and away the most aesthetically pleasing of the 1934 FRNs and have been avidly collected as a group forever. When you have a true vivid yellow-green seal note, you cannot detect even a hint of blue in the seal or serial numbers.