1928 $100 Note FR. 2405 Gold Certificate Star Note PMG Ch VF35

$18,500.00 USD

Coin ID: 4425393008

There are a handful of small size notes that are truly rare. Some that come to mind are the $10 1934 North Africa star note; the $10 1933 Silver Certificate star note; the 1928 $5000 and $10;000 issues. While all those examples are exceedingly rare and command six figure premiums; there are sleepers out there that one can secure for significantly less and this is one of them. For decades the $100 1928 Gold Certificate star note was considered to be prohibitively rare especially in high grade. According to the census; there are at least a total of 12 examples known with only 2 finer with PMG. Considering that so few $100 gold certificate replacement notes were printed in the first place; finding a nicer example will be extraordinary task indeed.