1927 George V AR Six Piece Proof Set (Threepence - Crown) PCGS PR64-PR66 - - Sold

$4,000.00 USD

Head left. KM 831 through KM 836; SCBC-4036; SCBC-4037; SCBC-4038; SCBC-4039; SCBC-4040 (Oak & Acorn); SCBC-4042.

Grades as follows: Crown - PR66; Halfcrown - PR65; Shilling - PR66+; Florin - PR66; Sixpence - PR66; Threepence - PR64. The shilling is light silvery gray. All the others are perfectly matched in color with exquisite pastel pinkish gold iridescence and are superb in quality. 

Very rare original set that includes the original case. 

George V (George Frederick Ernest Albert; 3 June 1865 – 20 January 1936) was King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions, and Emperor of India, from 6 May 1910 until his death in 1936.He was the second son of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, and grandson of the then-reigning British monarch, Queen Victoria. His reign saw the rise of socialism, communism, fascism, Irish republicanism, and the Indian independence movement, all of which radically changed the political landscape. The Parliament Act 1911 established the supremacy of the elected British House of Commons over the unelected House of Lords. As a result of the First World War (1914–1918), the empires of his first cousins Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany fell, while the British Empire expanded to its greatest effective extent.