1922 $10 Gold Certificate Hillegas PMG CU 64


Own a piece of currency that actually had value. These Gold Certificates are not fiat (value from government regulation) currency like the paper money of today. These notes were actually backed by Gold coin, not just the government's pledge to redeem it.

Michael Hillegas (April 22, 1729 – September 29, 1804) was the first Treasurer of the United States. On August 6, 1776, Hillegas assumed sole ownership of the office, which he held throughout the remainder of the American Revolution, using much of his own fortune to support the cause. His son, Samuel Hillegas, was also given the authority to sign new currency, known as "Continentals."

Currency Highlights:

  • Features a Gold seal and Gold serial numbers.
  • Housed in an inert mylar currency sleeve.
  • This example is graded CU-64 by PMG.
  • Face: Features a central portrait of Michael Hillegas, 1st Treasurer of the United States.
  • Back: Golden orange printing is featured throughout. The Great Seal of the United States is surrounded by sun rays in the center with the number 10 in each corner.
  • 1922 is the last year of the Large Size Gold Certificates.