1922 $1 Modified High Relief Production Trial J-2020 PCGS MS65

$250,000.00 USD

Coin ID: 39206064 LM

Unique in Mint State. CAC. Historically one of the most important Silver Dollars ever made. '3200' was applied at the Mint. The die failed after striking 3200 coins and the rest were all melted.

Given to Mint Director Robert Baker by Mint Superintendent Freas Styer.

Judd-2020. Unique Business Strike.
Baker Estate, Mint Director
A Landmark Numismatic Rarity and a Once in a Lifetime Acquisition.

This is by far and away one of the most important Silver Dollars I have ever had the privilege to own. For purveyors and connoisseurs of the series, there is likely no equal. For those who understand, there is no parallel. Of course, most people don't realize it even exists.

Many people know that a Low Relief Peace Dollar was struck, as well as a High Relief version. Few people realize, however, there is an entirely unique business strike Modified "Medium Relief" Peace Dollar which exists.

The higher striking pressure that was necessary to produce the 1921 High Relief Peace Dollars caused the dies to fail prematurely, and thus a quest was underway to "modify" the design to make a more commercially viable product.

They lowered the design relief, but only slightly. What came about was a production run of 3,200 coins. The first one, struck in Proof, sold for well beyond $300,000 many years ago. On Strike #3200 the dies failed and every single other coin was melted. What remains is the ONLY circulation strike example in existence of the Medium Relief design, and it is a major prize for any world-class collection.