1918/7 Gold Peso NGC MS 61

$1,688.00 USD

The Mexico Gold Peso, particularly those graded NGC MS 61, is a significant piece of Mexico's numismatic history, minted during the early 20th century. This period was marked by the Mexican Revolution and significant economic changes. The introduction of these gold pesos aimed to stabilize the economy and symbolize national strength and pride.

The obverse of the Mexico Gold Peso features a portrait of Miguel Hidalgo, a key figure in Mexico's struggle for independence. The detailed depiction of Hidalgo is surrounded by the inscription "Estados Unidos Mexicanos," emphasizing national unity. This artistic representation highlights the coin's importance and the high craftsmanship standards of the time.

On the reverse, the coin showcases Mexico's national coat of arms: an eagle perched on a cactus with a snake in its beak and talon. This image, rooted in Aztec mythology, represents resilience and triumph. The denomination and year of minting are inscribed below the coat of arms. Coins graded as NGC MS 61 are particularly valued by collectors for their excellent condition and luster, making them a prized piece of Mexico's historical and cultural legacy.