1913 George V Platinum Proof Pattern Octarino of 8 Pence NGC PF66 Ultra Cameo - -Sold

$48,000.00 USD

By J. Pinches for Reginald Huth. Reeded edge, From the popular Huth series of patterns, an amazing rarity and irregular denomination which sadly never saw wider production. A breathtaking and gorgeous coin to behold, this example boasts immensely bright and deeply mirrored fields with deep cameo contrast with classic platinum-gray coloration. In all of Great Britain numismatics this coin is one of the single rarest coins. Given its exceedingly known rarity on top of the superb condition and its struck in PLATINUM. While platinum coins were produced in Russia for circulation in the 19th century, the challenges of working with the metal and its resemblance to many less expensive metals made widespread production of platinum coins impractical in the early 20th century. George’s unique portrait starkly matte in contrast; exceedingly rare at auction in any metal, with platinum offerings amongst the rarest of all British coins, Exceedingly Rare or Possibly Unique.