1913 $5 NGC PF66+

$117,000.00 USD

The Indian Half Eagle was first released in 1908 along with a Quarter Eagle denomination as well. What makes these coins very unique in American Numismatics is how the fields of the coin are raised higher than the rest of the coin’s design. This decision was not well received way back when they came out and even today they are beloved but most collectors find grading them a near impossibility.

They were designed by Bela Lyon Pratt and were first put into production in 1908, replacing the Liberty Head design that was struck from 1839 through 1908 and represented one of the longest-running coin series of the time. The Bela Lyon Pratt designs were released just one year after the Augustus Saint-Gaudens eagle and double eagle and were among the four coin series (along with the Indian Head $2.50 quarter eagle) that comprised the United States gold coin design renaissance. Moreover, the Indian Head half eagle is one of just two U.S. coins to feature an incuse design – the other is the aforementioned Indian Head quarter eagle, also a Pratt design. Only 99 proofs minted

Pop: 3 in NGC, 3 in PCGS.