1906 $20 Liberty Head NGC PF65 Cameo

$275,000.00 USD


By 1906 railways and motorways had opened up the entire country to tremendous freedoms not seen in previous generations. This expansion to them must have felt like our generation being introduced to a cell phone. No longer are we tied to a room waiting on a phone call from our land line, and no longer were they tied to a single region separated by weeks of travel.

Expansion didn’t come without tragedy, however, as in 1906 the Great San Francisco Earthquake took more than 3,000 lives and left more than half the city’s bustling population of 400,000 completely homeless.

After 1900 the U.S. Mint notoriously separated itself from the Cameo and Deep Cameo effect on U.S. coinage as it went further and further toward a more Matte appearance that would take center stage with the introduction of the Saint Gaudens series in 1907.

This gorgeous Gem Cameo is a rare exception to that rule, and few are known as such. A great number of examples from 1906 are impaired as meltings were fairly common for examples that went unsold at the time. In fact, not a single Deep Cameo example is known to exist – making a Cameo even more of a prize for those ready to acquire one!

When you take a look at auction records, this date is one of the rarest you’ll ever find – with very few opportunities ever made available in any condition over the last 25 years.

For the purveyor of the finest proof rarities this will be a welcomed addition in any extraordinary collection.