1900 50 Centavos NGC MS62


Republic silver Pattern. KM-PnA54. Deeply toned in multicolored shades with surfaces that appear choice for the grade, showing reflective fields and no egregious forms of handling on either side. Very similar to the adopted design, the reverse design has the addition of what appears to be a TP monogram below the bow in the wreath, while the legends lack the So mintmark of Santiago. Exceedingly RARE and the only the second example of this pattern that we are aware of. Exceedingly RARE!

José Manuel Inocencio Pando Solares (27 December 1849 – 17 June 1917) was President of Bolivia between October 1899 and August 1904. Born in Luribay (Department of La Paz), he studied medicine, joined the army during the War of the Pacific against Chile (1879–80), and later dedicated himself to exploring his country's vast and thinly populated lowland forests. In the 1880s he joined the Liberal Party of Eliodoro Camacho (in opposition until 1899), becoming its leader in 1894. Pando served as Congressional Representative from Chuquisaca during the administration of Severo Fernández (1896–99) and was the nucleus around which coalesced the increasingly more vocal and seditious efforts of the Liberal Party to topple the Conservatives from power.