1887 Great Britain Queen Victoria Gold 1/2 Sov PCGS PR 62 DCAM

$5,333.00 USD

The Great Britain Queen Victoria Gold 1/2 Sovereign, graded as PCGS PR 62 DCAM, is a coin of notable historical and numismatic significance. Minted during the reign of Queen Victoria, these coins represent the prosperity and expansion of the British Empire in the 19th century. The 1/2 Sovereign played a vital role in the British monetary system, widely used in domestic and international trade, symbolizing the economic strength of the Victorian era.

The obverse of the Queen Victoria Gold 1/2 Sovereign features a portrait of Queen Victoria, designed by renowned engravers of the period. This depiction varies with the minting period, showcasing either the young “bun head” portrait or the more mature veil head image. The detailed craftsmanship of these portraits underscores the coin's artistic and historical value.

The reverse side typically displays the royal coat of arms or St. George slaying the dragon, framed by a wreath or inscriptions indicating the denomination and year of minting. The PCGS PR 62 DCAM grade signifies that the coin is in proof condition with deep cameo contrast, characterized by a highly reflective field and frosted design elements. This grade, while indicating slight imperfections, still highlights the coin's desirability to collectors and investors, preserving much of its original luster and historical significance.