1879 $20 NGC PF65 Cameo

$306,000.00 USD

The 1879 Liberty Head $20 Gold Coins are relatively common, as 1.4 million pieces were originally struck, and a decent number survive today. For the first time, four mints produced Liberty Head $20 Gold Coins; Philadelphia, Carson City, San Francisco and New Orleans. This would also mark the first time since 1861 that the New Orleans mint struck Liberty Head $20 Gold Coins.

Liberty Head $20 Gold Coins were designed by James B. Longacre, who served as the Chief Engraver of the United States Mint from 1844 through 1869. The gold coin weighs 33.44 grams and contain 0.9613 ounces of gold. They’re also 34 millimeters wide, which places their diameter about halfway between the widths of a modern-day half dollar and silver dollar. The double eagle’s large size and heavy weight make them very popular among coin collectors and investors alike. Only 30 proofs minted.  Pop 1 in NGC.

Obverse: Christian Gobrecht's portrait of Liberty is surrounded by 13 stars with the date centered at the bottom.

Reverse: Shielded eagle with wings outstretched holding arrows and olive branches.

The words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA * TWENTY DOLLARS appear around the periphery. Mint mark, if any, appears below the eagle's tail, above the N in TWENTY. IN GOD WE TRUST h