1867 Victoria Proof "Gothic" Florin NGC PF66

$15,350.00 USD

Plain edge. Victoria's 'Gothic' coinage, represented solely in Florins and Crowns, is said to be the most beautiful series of British coins ever produced--and the present specimen does little to refute that claim. Enigmatically depicting the date in Roman numerals, an element not seen since the coinage of Edward VI in the mid-16th century, this transitional Proof rarity is the first of its type to feature 'BRITT' within its obverse legend as oppose to the previously-seen 'BRIT'. Absolutely phenomenal in appearance, partially from its immaculate surfaces in line with its premium gem grade, and partially from the spectacular patina it has developed over the last 150 years. When tilted in the light, the fields come to life with dazzling golds, dappled steel-blues and spears of deep red, all adding color to the underlying mint brilliance. Superb in all regards, a coveted type in an unbeatable grade. Ex. D. Moore Collection. Extremely Rare