1862 Mexico Gold 4 Escudos NGC VF 30

$3,071.00 USD

The Mexico Gold 4 Escudos, graded as NGC VF 30, is a coin of notable historical and numismatic value. Minted during the colonial period, these coins were part of the Spanish colonial monetary system that operated in Mexico prior to its independence. The 4 Escudos played a crucial role in trade and commerce, symbolizing the wealth and economic activity of the time.

The obverse of the Mexico Gold 4 Escudos typically features a portrait of the Spanish monarch ruling during the period of minting. This design includes intricate details, reflecting the high level of craftsmanship and the artistic standards of the era. The obverse serves as a historical record of Spanish influence and governance in colonial Mexico.

On the reverse side, the coin generally displays the Spanish coat of arms, featuring the traditional heraldic elements such as castles, lions, and the Pillars of Hercules with the motto "Plus Ultra," meaning "More Beyond." The inscriptions denote the denomination and the mint mark, indicating the origin of the coin. The NGC VF 30 grade signifies that the coin is in very fine condition, showing moderate wear but retaining key details and much of its original design. This grade makes the coin desirable to collectors and historians, preserving its historical and cultural significance.