1862 Indian Princess Head $3 PCGS PR65+

$125,000.00 USD

Proof gold from the 1860s is uniformly rare, throughout all denominations. Some issues are so rare that they are virtually unobtainable, for instance, the 1863 quarter eagle, a proof-only date. The rarity of these early proofs forces type collectors into the later years of whatever denomination is under consideration. In this case, a proof type collector would pursue a three dollar gold piece from the 1880s, where higher mintages do indeed translate into higher availability. The earlier years are generally unavailable except high-visibility public auctions, and the bidding audience is usually limited to specialized collectors, or dealers, who know having such a coin in inventory will result in a sale sooner rather than later. This is especially true today when rarities bring significant premiums, sometimes record-breaking prices.

A mere 35 proofs were struck in 1862 with fewer than half the mintage believed extant today, or 14 to 16 pieces in all grades.