1861 2 Reales NGC MS64

Provincial Buenos Aires mint, KM11a. No Rosettes variety. Sharply defined with reflectivity in the fields and instances of pinkish-red color around the protected design. The additional of blue and purple tone on both sides further enhances the appearance. Often showing significant circulation, this is very rare quality for the issue and it currently stands as the finest certified example. Very RARE!

Santiago Rafael Luis Manuel José María Derqui Rodríguez (Córdoba June 21, 1809 – Corrientes November 5, 1867) was president of Argentina from March 5, 1860 to November 5, 1861. He was featured on the 10 Australes note, which is now obsolete. Being from Córdoba and not from Buenos Aires, it was expected that under his rule the continuous revolts of the provincial governments against the federal government would end. Derqui accepted the revised national constitution with the changes that would favour Buenos Aires, and named the country República Argentina. This and other unpopular policies towards the rest of the country provoked a general discontent in the provinces that led to the Battle of Pavón. Unable to maintain authority, Derqui resigned and fled to Montevideo.