1861 - $1000 Note - T 1 Confederate States of America PCGS VF30 A

$40,000.00 USD

T-1 $1000 1861 Confederate States of America PCGS 35A - $1000 Montgomery notes are considered to be the most important Confederate note ever produced by the CSA. Regarded as the trophy note of the South; there are only approximately 137 known survivors. Impressively engraved and printed by the National Bank Note Company in New York City one month before the South seceded from the Union; these notes were printed in quartet sheets of $50-$100-$500-$1000. Using National Bank Note Company stock vignettes; these notes contain several anti counterfeiting security measures that at the time were considered to be state-of-the-art. Historically significant and immensely important to the Confederates determined attempt to withdrawal from the Union; this example embodies the passion and commitment of their ill fated struggle. This note maintains its dark green color; bold signatures and pleasing margins for this rare and highly desirable denomination. PCGS mentions restorations that affect little on this rare and beautiful note. As a matter of fact; most early Confederate notes have some sort of restoration work done to them primarily due to the thin paper used at the time. Also; one other significant aspect regarding this rare note is that it does not have unsightly hole punch cancellations that can be found on several dozen other T-1 examples. When it comes down to it; Montgomery notes have performed incredibly well and with so few examples to chose from and with such a high demand for them; you want to buy the best because the likelihood of these notes declining in popularity is slim-to-none.