1855 $50 Wass, Molitor & Co. NGC XF40

$68,250.00 USD

Coin ID: 3388876-001 LM


The Slug of Slugs. An Extraordinary Gold Rush Rarity.

The California Gold Rush created one of the largest population migrations in human history. People from all over the world traveled to the golden coast upon hearing one simple word, Eureka!

This was true for Count Samuel Wass and Agostin Molitor. The men left their native Hungary in the middle of its own war for independence, and with their extensive knowledge of mining and refining left for America's shores in 1850 and 1851 respectively.

A number of pioneer gold firms popped up throughout California to satisfy the demand for a standardized form of the gold coming out of the ground at a rapid pace. Wass-Molitor was by far one of the most respected.

This is the Slug of Slugs, in our opinion. The coins of Humbert and the U.S. Assay Office can be found anywhere, but the $50 gold pieces made by Wass-Molitor are extraordinary rarities in any grade.

Examples have been reaching stratospheric levels in recent memory, and the cap won't last on the bottle for too much longer before the carbonation of excitement creates an explosion.