1853 Bolivia Gold 8 Escudos NGC AU 55

$6,683.00 USD

The Bolivia Gold 8 Escudos, graded as NGC AU 55, is a coin of considerable historical and numismatic importance. Minted during the colonial period, these coins were an essential part of the Spanish monetary system in South America, reflecting the wealth generated from the rich gold mines of Bolivia. The 8 Escudos, also known as a "Doubloon," was a significant denomination used in substantial transactions and international trade.

The obverse of the Bolivia Gold 8 Escudos  features a portrait of the reigning Spanish monarch at the time of minting. This side of the coin includes intricate details of the king's likeness, surrounded by inscriptions denoting his title and the realm he governed. The craftsmanship of the portrait underscores the importance of the monarchy and its influence over the colonial territories.

On the reverse side, the coin  displays the Spanish coat of arms, including heraldic symbols such as castles and lions, which represent the kingdoms of Castile and León. Additionally, the Pillars of Hercules with the motto "Plus Ultra" (More Beyond) signify Spain's imperial aspirations and global exploration. The inscriptions on this side include the coin's denomination and mint mark, indicating its origin from the colonial mint in Bolivia.