1844 Maximilian II Silver Proof Uniface Obverse Trial Taler ND (1848-1864) NGC PR66 Ultra Cameo

$3,750.00 USD

Munich mint, KM-TS10 (1844),Wittelsbach-Unl., AKS-Unl., J-Unl., Thun-Unl., Kahnt-116b.

An utterly breath taking and simply gorgeous Pattern type, likely produced as a proposed design for Maximilian's Vereinstaler. Showing some mild deviations in the king's hairline from the adopted portrait makes this coin so unique. The care and precision shown in the overall execution is astonishing, with crisp, sharp edges to the raised elements, and prolific die polish over the king's bust. Notable as a trial that was not recorded in Jacques Schulman's January 1926 sale of the Ferrari Collection, and of the utmost scarcity. We believe this uniface pattern quit possibly could be unique based on recent research, thus making it an unbelievable opportunity for any collector/investor.