1837 $3 Mormon Paper Money Rust 14 PCGS VF30

$13,000.00 USD

Apparent (Minor Stains). $3 The Kirtland Safety Society ANTI Banking Company – This is one of the first examples of paper money issued by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is believed that these ANTI Bank notes were issued by the Church in attempt to overcome the State of Ohio decision NOT to issue the bank a Charter. Church Elders believed that if the Bank became an ANTI Bank; then these notes would not be under the protection of the current state banking laws and be considered legal. There are about thirty $3 Anti Bank examples known with this piece displaying an especially dark “ANTI” stamp. These notes have become very popular over the years and their values have not diminished. There are certainly more than 30 collectors of LDS paper money which ultimately will secure their value for years to come.