1834 Portugal Gold Peca Queen Maria II NGC MS63+

$8,268.75 USD

Lustrous peripheries with Very reflective fields.  Only (1) graded in MS63+ and only (7) graded higher in NGC.  14.34g.  (1) Peca =(7500) Reis= (4) Escudos.

Queen Maria II's reign in Portugal witnessed a series of transformative events. The Liberal Wars, also known as the Miguelite Wars, unfolded as she contended with her uncle Dom Miguel, who staunchly challenged her rule but ultimately faced defeat. Her reign marked the resurgence of constitutional monarchy following the reestablishment of the Constitutional Charter of 1826. Her marriage to Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha bore fruit in the form of several children, including the future King Pedro V. Additionally, the declaration of Brazil's independence in 1822 signaled the culmination of the Portuguese Empire's influence in South America. Maria II actively pursued economic reforms to modernize Portugal's economy while fostering a cultural and literary renaissance with the contributions of eminent writers and poets. Her rule was characterized by intricate foreign relations, notably with influential European powers like Britain and France. Tragically, her untimely death in 1853 led to the ascension of her son Pedro V to the Portuguese throne, marking the conclusion of an era shaped by profound political, social, and cultural changes.

Obverse: MARIA · II · D · G · PORTUG... Queen Maria II facing left.

Reverse:  Crowned arms within wreath.