1832 Great Britain Gold Sovereign SS New York NGC AU 55

$7,763.00 USD

The Great Britain Gold Sovereign SS New York, graded as NGC AU 55, is a coin with rich historical significance and a fascinating backstory. These sovereigns were part of the cargo recovered from the wreck of the SS New York, a steamship that sank off the coast of Texas in 1846. The recovery of these coins has added a layer of historical intrigue and value to an already significant British gold coin.

The obverse of the Gold Sovereign typically features the portrait of the reigning British monarch at the time of minting. For coins from the mid-19th century, this would commonly be Queen Victoria, depicted in a detailed and regal manner, surrounded by inscriptions denoting her title. The craftsmanship of these portraits reflects the high standards of the Royal Mint.

The reverse side of the coin usually displays the iconic image of Saint George slaying the dragon, a design by Benedetto Pistrucci that symbolizes bravery and valor. The reverse also includes inscriptions indicating the denomination and year of minting. The NGC AU 55 (Almost Uncirculated) grade indicates that the coin has minimal wear, retaining much of its original detail and luster. The historical context of being part of the SS New York's cargo, combined with its well-preserved condition, makes this Gold Sovereign a highly desirable piece for collectors and history enthusiasts.