1826 George IV 5 Pounds Proof 64 ultra Cameo

The 1826 Five Pound Piece was the highest denomination in the coinage of the George IV and was not issued for general circulation. Its impressive design and intricate detail were extremely fitting for a King, especially one with the reputation of living extravagantly and luxuriously. Cultured and charming, George IV earned the title of “the first gentleman of England”. Preferring his flamboyant lifestyle, he was notably lacking in leadership during times of crisis and further angered the public with wasteful spending. As a result of this, however, George IV had great influence in the fashion of the time; with furniture, jewellery and architecture helping to create what is known as the ‘Regency Era’. George IV, proof five pounds, 1826, SEPTIMO, bare head left, reverse crowned shield of arms over ermine mantle (S.3797; W&R.213 [R3]). About As struck, portrait frosted and well struck, very slight scratch lightly smoothed in obverse field, otherwise an overall pleasing example, with a superb reverse. Very rare.