1817 Chile Gold 8 Escudos NGC MS 61

$5,333.00 USD

The Chile Gold 8 Escudos, graded as NGC MS 61, is a coin of substantial historical and numismatic importance. Minted during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, these coins were an integral part of the Spanish colonial monetary system in South America, symbolizing the wealth and economic significance of the region. The 8 Escudos, also known as a "Doubloon," was a major denomination used in significant transactions and international trade.

The obverse of the Chile Gold 8 Escudos typically features a detailed portrait of the reigning Spanish monarch at the time of minting, surrounded by inscriptions denoting the monarch's name and titles. This design highlights the high craftsmanship and intricate detail characteristic of the period, reflecting the Spanish influence in colonial Chile.

The reverse side usually displays the Spanish coat of arms, incorporating heraldic symbols such as castles, lions, and the Pillars of Hercules with the motto "Plus Ultra" (More Beyond). These elements underscore Spain's imperial reach and maritime prowess. The NGC MS 61 (Mint State) grade indicates that the coin is in uncirculated condition, with only minor imperfections. This grade preserves much of the coin’s original luster and detail, making the Chile Gold 8 Escudos a highly desirable piece for collectors and investors, showcasing its historical and economic significance.