1808 Mexico Gold Escudo NGC AU 55

$2,126.00 USD

The Mexico Gold Escudo, graded as NGC AU 55, is a coin of significant historical and numismatic interest. Minted during the Spanish colonial era, these coins were a critical component of the Spanish monetary system in the New World, reflecting the economic power and wealth of colonial Mexico. The Gold Escudo was used in substantial transactions, serving as a key piece of currency in both local and international trade.

The obverse of the Mexico Gold Escudo typically features a portrait of the reigning Spanish monarch at the time of minting, surrounded by inscriptions that denote the monarch's name and titles. This design demonstrates the detailed craftsmanship and high artistic standards of the period, showcasing the authority and influence of Spanish rule in colonial Mexico.

The reverse side of the coin usually displays the Spanish coat of arms, incorporating heraldic symbols such as castles, lions, and the Pillars of Hercules with the motto "Plus Ultra" (More Beyond). These symbols signify Spain's imperial ambitions and maritime prowess. The NGC AU 55 (Almost Uncirculated) grade indicates that the coin has been well-preserved, with only slight wear visible on the highest points, retaining much of its original detail and luster. This condition, along with its historical significance, makes the Mexico Gold Escudo a highly desirable piece for collectors and investors.