1807 Draped Bust Dime PCGS MS62


Coin ID: 4480.2/25636645

Although U.S. federal coinage began in 1793, it wasn't until 1796 that the Dime denomination was introduced. U.S. Mint engraver Robert Scot was responsible for the Draped Bust Dime designs of 1796 to 1807. The Plain Eagle reverse type was replaced with an Eagle with a Shield in 1798. The obverse depiction of Liberty was based on a Gilbert Stuart portrait drawing of Liberty, a design introduced on the 1795 Silver Dollar. No Dimes were struck in 1806 or 1808. In 1809 the design of the dime was changed.

This MS62 rarity is a very early and rare dated Draped Bust dime. Fully struck for the date which in itself is rare with great original luster remaining. Very few of the early dimes service so original.