1798 $1 Large Eagle PCGS AU50

$23,500.00 USD

Coin ID: 83903780 LM

DOUBLE STRUCK. Dramatic reimpressions of virtually every design elements are present. Remarkable 18th Century Rarity. 1st Year Heraldic Eagle.

Impressive and Dramatic. Incredibly Rare.

This is one of the most impressive and dramatic early Dollars we have had the privilege to offer. Both sides are boldly double struck, with all the devices and lettering clearly made with double impressions, the second strike of which became slightly shifted giving the effect that one is seeing double when viewing the coin.

1798 was quite a year in the American historical record. The Alien and Seditions Act was passed in Congress and signed into law by President John Adams. This act made it far more difficult to protest the government without legal repercussions and stripped powers from the press, and also limited voting rights to certain immigrants.

It sounds like something the media might proclaim is going on in America today, but no, this was 1798.

Early Dollars are some of the most widely collected among purveyors of early American coinage. This beautiful AU50 example is a near-lock candidate for a better grade, but the value is all in the rarity of the Double Strike.

A sensational coin for a special collector.