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1786-B Louis XVI 2 L'Or PCGS MS63


Rouen, KM592.3, Fr-474. Highly lustrous and choice, this impressive piece with a superb strike and incredible original luster. This piece is currently tied with three other specimens as the highest graded, exhibits gorgeous eye-appeal. Very RARE!

Louis XVI (23 August 1754 – 21 January 1793), born Louis-Auguste, was the last King of France before the French Revolution, after which the victors renamed him Citizen Louis Capet during the final weeks of his life. In 1765, at the death of his father, Louis, son and heir apparent of Louis XV, Louis-Auguste became the new Dauphin of France. Upon his grandfather's death on 10 May 1774, he assumed the title "King of France and Navarre", which he used until 4 September 1791, when he received the title of "King of the French" until the monarchy was abolished on 21 September 1792. The first part of his reign was marked by attempts to reform France in accordance with Enlightenment ideas. These included efforts to abolish serfdom, remove the taille, and increase tolerance toward non-Catholics. The French nobility reacted to the proposed reforms with hostility, and successfully opposed their implementation. The ensuing debt and financial crisis contributed to the unpopularity of the Ancien Régime. This led to the convening of the Estates-General of 1789. In 1789, the storming of the Bastille during riots in Paris marked the beginning of the French Revolution. In 1792, He was tried by the National Convention, found guilty of high treason, and executed by guillotine on 21 January 1793. Louis XVI was the only King of France ever to be executed, and his death brought an end to more than a thousand years of continuous French monarchy.