1786-D Louis XVI 2 Louis d'Or NGC AU58

Louis XVI; 23 August 1754 – 21 January 1793), born Louis-Auguste, was the last King of France before the French Revolution; during which he was also known as Louis Capet. In 1765, at the death of his father, Louis, son and heir apparent of Louis XV, Louis-Auguste became the new Dauphin of France. Upon his grandfather's death on 10 May 1774, he assumed the title "King of France and Navarre", which he used until 4 September 1791, when he received the title of "King of the French" until the monarchy was abolished on 21 September  1792.  Louis  XVI  was  guillotined  on  21  January  1793.

Incredible value for this early French large gold coin. This Gold coin was issued during  the  reign  of King Louis XVI. Struck at the Limoges mint, this double Louis D'or contains .451 oz of Gold. A bust of the king appears on the obverse of this coin, while the crowned arms of France and Navarre appear on the reverse. RARE!