1764 Gold Proof 1/2 Guinea George III PCGS PR62+ Cameo

$30,000.00 USD

KM599, S-3732, Schneider-616, W&R-128 (R5). By Richard Yeo. Entirely captivating and perhaps of even greater rarity and importance than Wilson and Rasmussen's R5 rating would imply (6-10 examples known), this absolutely gorgeous Proof 1/2 Guinea appears to be one of ONLY 2 certified examples, outranking the Terner specimen (also ex Douglas-Morris, Herman Selig, and likely Nobleman) by virtue of its plus+ cameo grade. Adding another level of visual allure seldom encountered on 18th-century gold Proofs, the obverse surfaces are aglow with a balanced gorgeous violet-orange patina, heightening the piece's overall cameo finish and clearly meriting its "plus" certification. To date, we have been able to locate only 2 other examples to have come to auction in recent years: the aforementioned Terner example, and more recently a raw piece offered by Spink in May 2015, which realized a hammer price of 15,000 Pounds or approximately $19,000 U.S. nearly 6 years ago. Like most rare to very are British gold in mint state and/or proof making prices have doubled or tripled since 2015. Apparently the first such offering to become available in the last half-decade, and of immense desirability as such. The first one of this incredibly important date and condition we have ever handled. Extremely RARE.