1754/3 Gold Louis D'OR King Louis XVI NGC AU 58

$8,775.00 USD

King Louis XVI's reign was marked by significant events leading up to the French Revolution. The Louis D'OR coins from his era were among the last royal coins before the monarchy's collapse and the establishment of the French Republic.

The obverse features a portrait of King Louis XVI with inscriptions that may include "LUD·XVI·D·G·FR·ET NAV·REX," which stands for "Louis XVI, by the grace of God, King of France and Navarre." The engraver for many of these coins was Pierre-Benjamin Duvivier.

The reverse displays the crowned coat of arms of France and Navarre. The design might include inscriptions like "CHRS·REGN·VINC·IMPER," which means "Christ reigns, conquers, and commands," reflecting the Christian monarchy's divine right claim.