1753-A Louis XV 1 Louis d'Or "au bandeau" NGC MS64


Louis XV, (15 February 1710 – 10 May 1774), known as Louis the Beloved was a monarch of the House of Bourbon who ruled as King of France from 1 September 1715 until his death. He succeeded his great-grandfather Louis XIV at the age of five. Until he reached maturity in 1723, his kingdom was ruled by Philippe II, Duke of Orl.ans, as Regent of France; the duke was his great-uncle, as well as first cousin twice removed patrilineally. Cardinal Fleury was his chief minister from 1726 until the Cardinal's death in 1743, at which time the young king took sole control of the kingdom.

On the obverse is the Head of Louis XV facing left. The reverse shows the Crown over arms of France and Navarre, with the date above. The strike is incredible for this type with gorgeous luster. Early French gold is increasingly becoming harder to acquire.

Additional Rarity: A Louis XV Essai gold Ecu au bandeau 1740A sold at auction on April 18, 2013 for $44,062.50.