1739 2 Guineas George II Young AU53

Obv: Laureate wigged portrait bust of George II "Young head" left.

Rev: Crowned and quartered royal arms within ornamental cartouche; date divided by crown at top

George ii (1683-1760) was the last sovereign of Great Britain to be born in another country. He was born and raised in his father's country, the electorate of Brunswick Luneburg (Hanover), in the holy roman empire.

When his father, George I, succeeded to the throne of Great Britain because all other catholic claimants were excluded by the act of settlement, George (ii) became prince of wales. He often said proudly that he possessed no drop of blood that was not English.

As prince of wales, he often argued with George I, and was banned and shunned by a father who despised him for his popularity.

When George II ascended the throne, he exercised little domestic authority in Britain, but during his reign British interests throughout the world expanded considerably, the power of parliament and that of the ministers of the crown were strengthened and the Jacobite claims to the throne were finally crushed.

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