1694M Gold Louis D'OR King Louis XIV NGC MS 62

$18,225.00 USD


The Louis D'OR represented a significant shift in French coinage, moving away from the earlier ecu and franc coins. These coins were a display of the monarch's wealth and a tool for promoting his image as an absolute ruler.

The obverse features a portrait of King Louis XIV. The design includes a laurel wreath around his head, symbolizing victory and sovereignty. The Latin inscription "LVD. XIIII. D. G. FR. ET. NAV. REX" translates to "Louis XIV, by the grace of God, King of France and Navarre".

The reverse displays four crowned fleurs-de-lis arranged in a cross, with four L's in the corners. This design reflects the royal arms of France. The motto "CHRS.REGN.VINC.IMP." translates to "Christ reigns, conquers, commands".