1694 Leopold I Taler NGC MS61


Leopold I Taler 1694-IAK MS61 NGC, Hall mint, KM1303.4, Dav-3245. An appealing example of the type with sharp details and nearly full luster over bright surfaces. RARE this nice.

Leopold I (9 June 1640 – 5 May 1705) was Holy Roman Emperor, King of Hungary, Croatia, and Bohemia. The second son of Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor, by his first wife, Maria Anna of Spain, Leopold became heir apparent in 1654 by the death of his elder brother Ferdinand IV. Elected in 1658, Leopold ruled the Holy Roman Empire until his death in 1705. Leopold's reign is known for conflicts with the Ottoman Empire in the east and rivalry with Louis XIV,  a contemporary and first cousin, in the west. After more than a decade of warfare, Leopold emerged victorious from the Great Turkish War thanks to the military talents of Prince Eugene of Savoy. Leopold fought three wars against France: the Dutch War, the Nine Years' War, and the War of the Spanish Succession.

During the 17th century, coins were minted using the screw press, which involved two heavy iron screws pressing the coin metal to the desired thickness. There were a number of ways in which the actual coin-striking process itself could be mechanized. One involved the use of dies with curved faces either striking individual blanks (the rockerpress), or striking onto strips of metal passed between paired rollers each engraved with several dies (the rotary press).

Additional Rarity: A Leopold I Taler 1668 MS66 sold at auction on August 13, 2015 for $6462.50.