1694/3 Gold Guinea William & Mary NGC VF25

$8,268.75 USD

Gold Guinea, William & Mary. Rare 1694/3 Overdate! Ellerby Area Hoard (a village in Northern England). Tied for Finest Known! Conjoined heads of William and Mary right / Crowned shield of arms divides date in legend.

The Ellerby Area Hoard or Ellerby Hoard is a hoard of 266 17th-18th century gold coins found in an manganese-mottled salt-glazed stoneware vessel in a house in Ellerby, East Riding of Yorkshire in 2019...The hoard met the stipulations of the Treasure Act 1996 and was declared Treasure but subsequently disclaimed. The hoard was arranged for sale by Spink & Son at 16:00 on 7 October 2022. The hoard was sold to private collectors for a total hammer price of £628,000 with a final purchase price including fees of £754,000.