1656 Oliver Cromwell Gold 50 Shilling PCGS PR 62 Cameo

$1,046,250.00 USD


The coin was minted during the Protectorate period of Oliver Cromwell's rule over England, Scotland, and Ireland. Oliver Cromwell was a central figure in the English Civil War and the subsequent establishment of the Commonwealth of England. He served as Lord Protector from 1653 until his death in 1658.

The obverse features a left-facing bust of Oliver Cromwell, adorned with a laurel wreath. The Latin inscription reads "OLIVAR · D · G · RP · ANG · SCO · ET · HIB & PRO", which translates to "Oliver by the Grace of God Protector of the Republic of England Scotland and Ireland".

The reverse showcases the crowned arms of the Protectorate. The Latin motto "PAX QVÆRITVR BELLO" translates to "Peace is sought through war".