1645 Gold Ducat Christian IV PCGS AU 58

$16,875.00 USD

These coins hold significant historic relevance as they were circulated during the time when Denmark was a considerable power in Northern Europe. The presence of Hebrew inscriptions also points to the influence of different cultures and languages during Christian IV's reign.

The obverse of the coin features a crowned King Christian IV standing right, holding a scepter with his right hand and a royal orb with his left. The figure of the king is enclosed within a beaded circle, with the legend outside this circle. The Latin inscription translates to "Christian IV, by the Grace of God, King of Denmark and Norway".

On the reverse, the coin displays Hebrew letters for "Jehovah" between the Latin words "IUSTUS" above and "IUDEX" below, translating to "God is a righteous judge." The date is  at the bottom, with numbers divided by a crossed halberd mintmark, indicating the Glückstadt mint in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.