1625-1647- Orange Frederick Henry Gold 2 Pistole (4 Ecu d'Or) ND NGC MS61

$9,787.50 USD


Frederick Henry was the sovereign prince of Orange and stadtholder of Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht, Guelders, Overijssel in the Dutch Republic from 1625 until his death in 1647.

As the leading soldier in the Dutch wars against Spain, his main achievement was the successful Siege of 's- Hertogenbosch in 1629. His strategy was the successful neutralization of the threat of inundation of the area around 's-Hertogenbosch and his capture of the Spanish storehouse at Wesel. At the end of the Thirty Years War in 1648, the Spanish recognized Dutch independence and now William had to contend with Louis XIV, a much more formidable adversary. The French occupied Orange in 1672 and annexed it in 1713.

This double pistole was struck on several occasions 1641-45 and was accompanied by an even rarer single pistole. Noted in the Standard Catalog of World Coins as having been struck in 1641. Perhaps this is finest extant example of this extremely rare type, in commendable quality compared to the usual. Semi-mirrored reflective fields grace the surfaces, every curl on the obverse portrait outlined in sharp detail. This piece among being one of the rarest of its type is rarely if ever encountered in "uncirculated" condition. For the series collector/investor of very rare European and/or French coins. First piece of this type we have ever seen or even handled. Extremely Rare.