(1583-91) Netherland Gold Noble NGC MS 63

$13,500.00 USD


The Gold Noble, also known as "Gouden Nobel," was minted during the early 17th century, a period marked by the Dutch Republic's rise as a leading global trading power. The coin reflects the Republic's economic strength and independence during its struggle for sovereignty from Spanish rule. It played a crucial role in international trade, symbolizing the Republic's burgeoning economic and maritime prowess.

Obverse Details

The obverse of the Gold Noble typically features a detailed depiction of a sailing ship, a testament to the Dutch Republic's naval dominance and exploration endeavors. The ship is often adorned with flags and banners, sailing on a stylized sea, representing the Republic's extensive trade networks. Surrounding the ship are inscriptions in Latin or Dutch, indicating the issuing authority and reinforcing the maritime theme.

Reverse Details

The reverse of the Gold Noble often features a cross with an elaborate design, sometimes referred to as a "floriated cross." This cross is usually accompanied by additional symbols such as crowns or more intricate heraldic elements. The cross design symbolizes the Christian faith and the moral authority of the Republic. The inscriptions around the cross often include the coin's denomination and the date of minting, adding to its historical and numismatic value.