1544-1547 (Tower Mint) Gold Sovereign King Henry VIII PCGS XF45

$69,600.00 USD

Tower mint, Lis mm, Third Coinage, S-2290, N-1824 (VR), Schneider-608. 12.71gm. Type IIa, small module issue. (lis) hЄnRIC (crook-shaped abbreviation) • 8 • DI' • GRΛ' • ΛnGL' • | FRΛnCIЄ: Z • hIBЄRn' • RЄX (trefoil and double trefoil stops), Henry, crowned, enthroned facing, scepter in right hand, orb in left; Tudor rose below / (lis) IhS' • ΛVTЄM: TRΛnSIЄnS: PЄR: MЄDIVM: ILLORVM: IBΛT: (trefoil and double trefoil stops), crowned Tudor arms supported by lion and dragon; I-R below. The single finest example of this second type Henry VIII gold Sovereign yet certified between NGC and PCGS combined, with the next finest being a pair of VF's. The first collectible emission for the denomination after the prohibitively rare "Fine" issues of Henry and his father, collectors most often have to content themselves with low-grade, "Details" specimens. Though this piece clearly circulated during its day and shows a typically uneven planchet, its details still permit a significant abbreviation of Tudor engraving at the time, with the reverse legends in particular retaining a remarkable clarity. Sold with an old Seaby's envelope and coin tag.