1422-53 France Gold Salut D'OR King Henry VI NGC VF 30

$2,228.00 USD

The France Gold Salut d'Or of King Henry VI, graded NGC VF 30, is a coin of significant historical value. Minted during the reign of Henry VI (1422-1453), when he claimed both the English and French thrones, this coin reflects the complexities of the Hundred Years' War and the dual monarchy period. The Salut d'Or was a high-value gold coin used in substantial transactions, symbolizing the intertwined destinies of England and France during this turbulent era.

The obverse is Archangel Gabriel (on the right) standing to the left, wings half spread, facing the Virgin Mary (on the left) standing to the right, whom he visits and greets by handing her a parchment bearing the inscription " AVE "; the figures are seen half-length and placed behind the accosted shields of France and France-England; above, a blessing hand

The reverse side displays Plain Latin cross accosted by a lily and a leopard, under which is a H oncial, all in a fleur-de-lis decalobe.