1422-1430 Gold Noble King Henry VI NGC MS61

$18,562.50 USD

Henry VI (First Reign, 1422-1461) gold Noble ND (1422-1430)  London mint, Lis mm, Annulet issue, S-1799, N-1414. Crowned king with sword and shield standing facing in ship, an annulet by his sword arm / Floriate cross with h in central quadrilobe, an annulet in one spandrel. An awesome grade for a piece of this age, likely once part of a hoard formed very soon after it was struck. The almost fully-round planchet of this captivating medieval specimen has taken the strike wonderfully well with almost no areas of weakness whatsoever; Henry's portrait is particularly bold, an important and often absent feature of these types. The obverse die shows evidence of some rust in the fields, but in all other respects they must have been in good shape to produce such a sharp and well-struck coin.