1404-17 1 Gold Ecu d'Or NGC MS61


William VI of Bavaria minted (1404-17) gold ecu d'or au chaise ND Duke seated facing on Gothic throne, a sword in his right hand and a shield with quartered arms of Bavaria-Holland supported by his left; all within a tressure of arches with trefoils in the spandrels : RЄGИΛT : IИPЄRΛT, cross fleur.e in quadrilobe with leaves on cusps and trefoils in spandrels.

Duke William II of Bavaria-Straubing KG (5 April 1365—31 May 1417) was also count William IV of Holland, count William VI of Hainaut and count William V of Zeeland. In 1404 he succeeded his father as Count of Holland, Zeeland and Hainaut and duke of Bavaria-Straubing. He ruled until 1417, when he died from an infection caused by a dog bite.

A gorgeous specimen of this rare issue contains strong central motifs in the legends. These early pieces in uncirculated have become increasingly challenging to locate in the past few years. The coin here is the only one Hard Asset Management handled in 10 years in uncirculated condition. All in all, this is a beautiful and very rare piece, lustrous with original tone not to be seen very often.

Additional Rarity: A Holland. Dutch Revolt (1566/8-1581) gold Counterstamped Ducat 1573-1574 AU55 sold at auction on January 7, 2018 for $6,600.