1388 - 1418 Germany 1 Gulden, Trier Wesel FR-3424, Werner Von Falkenstein

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Trier-Archbishopric. Werner von Falkenstein (1388-1418) Goldgulden 1414-17, Offenbach mint, Fr-3424, AU58 NGC. St. John standing facing, right hand raised in benediction, a scepter in the left; a cross and crescent between his feet and arms of Trier-Minzenberg in trefoil with arms of Minzenberg, Mainz, and hippocamps surrounding. The difficulty of early numismatist's attempts at attribution of this series to Offenbach is understandable, although the archbishop's ties to Falkenstein would have made trade with Frankfurt a priority. Offenbach was just across the Rhine from Frankfurt and approximately 20km from Falkenstein.Ex: "Colonel"