1364-1380 AV Franc pied NGC MS63

$5,000.00 USD

Struck during the reign of Charles V (21 January 1338 – 16 September 1380),  called the Wise (French: "le Sage"), was a monarch of the House of Valoiswho  ruled as King of France from 1364 to his death.

In 1349, as a young prince, Charles received from his grandfather King Philip  VI the province of Dauphiné to rule. This allowed him to bear the title  "Dauphin" until his coronation, which led to the integration of the Dauphiné  into the crown lands of France. After 1350, all heirs apparent of France bore the title of Dauphin until their accession.

On the obverse, Charles is standing facing within portico, holding sword and  scepter surmounted by Hand of Justice; seven lis to the left and right. On the  reverse is a voided short cross potent over cross fleurée; at center, pellet  within polylobe; lis and crown alternating in angles; all within polylobe, with lis in each spandrel. Friedberg 284; Duplessy 360; Ciani 457. Strong strike and  superb luster on this gorgeous early French piece. Very rare in this condition.

Additional Rarity: A Charles V (1364-80) gold Franc à pied ND MS65 NGC sold at a Heritage auction on August 8, 2014 for $9,400.