1346-1384 Flanders Gold Flandres d'Or (Franc a Pied) Louis II de Mâle PCGS MS64

$9,900.00 USD

Coin ID: 407919.64/36703685

Ghent mint, Fr-161, Schneider-147, Delm-464 (R1). 4.14gm. L | VDOVIC´ • DЄI: G' | • COm' • F • | DnS: FLANDRI | Є (annulet and double annulet stops), Count bearing sword standing under a Gothic dais with a shield and helmet to either side, his mantle with ermines, FLΛnDRЄS in exergue / +BЄИЄDICTVS: QVI: VЄИIT: IИ: ИOmIИЄ: DOmIИ (doubIe saltire stops), cross fleurée with lion rampant in center and F | L | Λ | D in angles, all within a quadrilobe with trefoils in the spandrels. A type which is rarely offered in this splendid near-gem quality, featuring nearly a matte gold texture over the surfaces on a broad, full flan. A very rare piece in this uncirculated condition and presently tied for the finest certified by PCGS. Very RARE.